The Directorate of Culture erstwhile known as Department of Cultural Publications, came into existence vide GO (P) 77/05/CAD of 25/08/2005.  This Directorate was formed with a broad view to effectively co-ordinate and regulate all the art, literary and cultural institutions which were lying scattered and functioning   under various departments by bringing them under one umbrella.

         The cultural institutions of the state except Kerala Film Development Corporation are constituted under the provisions of the Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955.  They are functioning mostly with the financial assistance of Government of Kerala.  Since the aforesaid institutions are autonomous bodies, the Government has certain limits and constraints to control them and impose restrictions when any breach of rules or malpractices are noticed on their parts.  Keeping the above facts in view, the Government of Kerala set up Directorate of Culture to co-ordinate all such institutions and agencies receiving grants to ensure that they are functioning properly and effectively for the best interest of the people.

          The Directorate of Culture is also entrusted with the task of distribution of financial assistance or award amount to men of arts and letters, pension to indigent artists, widows of renowned artists and writers and employees of various cultural institutions and akademies.  Besides, financial assistance is also extended to artists for medical treatment.

          It also serves as an agency of the State Government to distribute recurring and non-recurring grants to eligible cultural establishments and agencies including Jawahar Balabhavans that foster, promote and disseminate the cultural heritage, knowledge and the distinctive features of traditional and contemporary art forms of Kerala within and outside the country.  Undoubtedly, the ultimate aim of all cultural institutions is the cultural progress of the society and the state.  But it is noticeable that at least some of them are sometimes deviating from their motives and commitments.  In this backdrop, the Directorate of Culture, as a co-ordinating mechanism of the Government is vowed to strengthening the functions and activities of cultural institutions by bringing them in right direction and giving them timely assistance and guidance whenever or wherever needed for fulfilling their commitments in this scenario.

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